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Forest Hammock

About Us

     At Goode Survival Company, our main focus is helping all people of every ability and experience level to be prepared for any situation that life throws their way. From natural or manmade disasters, to outdoor leisure activities - GSC wants you to feel confident and prepared to Survive and Thrive!

     Who are we? We are a community of survival enthusiasts founded by an inter-abled family. Our main founder, Kieran Goode (He/Him), is a disabled person who is passionate about trying to get all people out into nature. This is especially important in the disabled communities where many can be made to feel like the great outdoors are inaccessible to them. This is untrue, but the cost of accessibility products and aids can be astronomical and the survivalist communities desperately need more disabled representation and advocacy. As GSC grows, we aspire to help get products and accessibility items to those who need it and to advocate for all abilities in the survivalists' and prepping communities.

     Being lovers of all things outdoors, we are also passionate defenders of our beautiful planet, Earth. We have a strong focus on minimizing our impact on our planet and wildlife as we grow - we are supporting community clean-ups, upcycling, reusing, recycling, and supporting ethical practices as we all prep to Survive and Thrive!

     Come join our family of survivalists, you belong out here! We will be featuring prepping for all abilities, homesteading, sustainable living, environmentalism, ect.

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